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Lindsey Julow at an Art Show

Local events, from craft fairs to artisan showcases and business expos, are special occasions where you can experience my craftsmanship firsthand. Due to my commitment to quality and the time-intensive nature of my work, I often don't have the opportunity to regularly update my online shop. As a result, I participate in these events selectively, often just once a year when I have accumulated enough stock. These gatherings are the best places to explore a wide variety of my handcrafted items. My leather book earrings, crafted from recycled materials and book scraps, are particularly sought after at these events due to their uniqueness and the broader selection available. Attendees can also personally handle and appreciate the quality of my handsewn leather books, which distinctly stand out in terms of style and craftsmanship. For those curious about the tactile experience of quality bookbinding, I offer leather bookbinding scraps to feel. Over the years, visitors have been captivated by my work, especially the intricacy of the sewn books, and many have been inspired to collaborate with me on special projects, particularly wedding books. If you're keen on seeing the most extensive range of my creations and understanding the passion I infuse into each piece, these events are the ideal venue.

No Events scheduled at this time.

Reviews,Feedback & Testimonials

Reviews, Feedback &Testimonials

Marble Surface
natural handmade paper endpaprs.jpg

U Apple

Ms. Lindsey did an absolutely fantastic job! I needed my books in a 3 week time crunch and she got them to me two days before the date I requested them by. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and when the books arrived they ended up being more beautiful than anything I had hoped for. She is a real artist that makes you feel like a valued customer.


Sarah P

I had no idea about the process of making a book before coming to Lindsay, but she supported me every step of the way! She explained the different details that she needed, asked questions, and guided me through the decisions. The book was a present for my boyfriend, and it could not have turned out more beautifully. I cannot recommend Books for All Time more! Will be going back to her if I ever need another one, hands down.

Marbled endpapers 2.jpg

Priscilla T

Lindsey was absolutely amazing! We were shooting a film and needed a huge book on rush. She created a 36 pound book of over 1000 pages for us in less than a week. It was beautiful both on camera and in-person. Everyone on our team was so impressed with her work!

natural handmade paper endpaprs.jpg

Gary D

The quality of the work is outstanding. Lindsey is all very sensitive to the needs of the writer. Also, the final product made me so pleased with my effort to write my memoir for my daughters. You will not be disappointed and in fact you will be very proud of your book having it bound by Books for All Time.

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