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Show off your love of books with these lightweight, handmade book earrings.


These Black Leather Book Earrings are meticulously crafted in my shop located in the picturesque Lake Champlain Islands of Vermont. Each miniature leather book is individually created with care and attention to detail, including the gold stamping design on the leather. Crafted from upcycled materials from old books and recycled materials from my larger book creations, these earrings are both unique and environmentally friendly.


The watermark you see in the last photo is from the actual upcycled paper used for the pages in these miniature book earrings, adding a touch of authenticity and charm.


Each book contains marbled endpapers in the front and back, making each earring as real and unique as the books they are inspired by.


The custom design on the leather covers and spine is personally created and gilded in gold using a specialized method that requires the proper tools, timing, pressure, and heat.


The leather books measure 1/2" wide by 9/16" tall and 3/16" thick. They are small and lightweight, ensuring they won’t pull on your ears.


The ear wires are made of high-quality surgical steel, making them friendly to sensitive ears.




Thank you for considering my handmade book earrings. If you don’t see the color you desire and would like a custom pair made, please feel free to Contact Me.

Handmade Black Leather Book Earrings with Gold Stamping

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