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Custom Leather Bound Books & Printing Services

Hand Bound Leather Books and Journals Handcrafted by Bookbinder Lindsey Julow
Custom Leather Bound Book Printing

Handmade Leather Bound Books

Artisan leather hand bound books, as unique and personal as you are.  Whether to be enjoyed by yourself or as a gift, they will be treasured by all!

Antique Leather Book

Antique Leather Custom Book

Hand dyed with printed pages

Custom Leather Bound Book

Printed text, and handsewn

For more information on having a Custom Leather Book made continue below and visit FAQ

handsewn bookbinding

Custom Leather Bound Books, Journals, Tomes, Printed Books, Cookbooks, Wedding Books, Printed Blogs, and Photo Albums

Classic Traditional bound (leather hardcover with handsewn text block)


Softcover (long stitch, shows the stitching, or a hybrid that does not show stitching)

Blue Leather Custom Book

Custom Leather Bound Wedding Book

Debossed with a custom image

Leather Bound Family History Book

Leather Bound Family Genealogy 

Printed and hand bound 

Custom Leather Book

Raised tree with gilded leaves

Blue Custom Leather Book

(See Gallery for more examples of custom leather bound books)

 Custom Guest Books, Theses, Dissertations, Paper & Leather Anniversaries

Leather Bound Book with Custom Printing
Custom Leather Book with Distressed Leather

Custom Leather Book with book closures

on a distressed calfskin

corset style leather bound book

Custom Printed Leather Books

Corset Style an original

Books for All Time design

Custom Leather Bound Books

Self publish leather bound books

Custom Leather Bound Book Printing Services

    Books are handsewn and hand bound with special care; quality over quantity, printed and built under one roof. I handcraft these leather bound books to be unique and personal to you, a friend, or a loved one. They will be a one of a kind book to treasure. Take your writing, your book, special emails, or blank pages and I'll print, fold, hand sew them into a hand bound leather book to last a lifetime and beyond.

Lindsey Julow Bookbinder

Custom Leather Books

Your books are printed and handsewn individually by a single binder operation. 

    I have the writing specially formatted to make the book into a sewn style that has been around for centuries, and has proved to be of quality construction. There are many different options I can offer: different weight, and color papers, different types, and colors of leather, special marbled endsheets, and even personalizing the cover with gilding or tooling. You can be a part of the process every step of the way, and make the choices to create your own unique timeless treasure.

Custom leather bound book
Leather bound book printing

Custom Leather Book Order Policies and Things to Know

Classic Custom Leather Books

-Pricing for a Custom Leather Book that is 6" x 9" with 200 handsewn pages, hand bound in leather starts around $355. Printed text or images onto the pages, custom cover images, gilded gold designs, titling on the leather cover or spine, different leathers, formatting on my end, and other various options will change the pricing. Pages are formatted, printed, and folded here in my shop. Text blocks are sewn by hand onto tapes creating a book that opens flat. These are handmade books from start to finish using your vision as my guide.

-Pricing for a Custom Leather Covered (Recover) Book that is disbound spine stabilized, new endpapers, spine, and boards starts at $270. (This is for existing books; used or new books that you send). See examples of Recovered Books here.


Book Order Information


-Rush orders may have an additional fee

(any book that has a specific deadline may qualify depending on the amount of work I have already)

-Formatting your pages before they are sent to me is not only helpful but can save you money and make sure the document looks the way you want it to. 


Documents should be sent in word (.doc .docx), and pdf if possible.

(please contact me so we can decide on the book size you want and I can tell you what size page to set your document to)


-Largest custom book size I can make with text in house has a page size of 9.5" wide by 13" tall. 


-Every custom leather book and journal is unique and different, hence the pricing varies as well. Email me to discuss your custom leather book or journal project, or fill out a quote request form.


-If I have to cut pages to a specific size there will be an additional fee


-NO Returns on Personalized items


-No subcontracting please


-I will include insurance in the shipping costs

A wedding gift created by Books for all Time

Video credit to Robert Halliday with BEV Weddings

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